About us

Company Policy mean business when it comes to helping businesses function legally.

We've seen how issues with compliance and constantly-changing legislation that can tie up businesses, large and small, new or established.  

It's all very confusing, as we have discovered over the collective 40 years we have been in business.

We know because clients have been telling us - so we wanted to do something to combat this and really help.

Our team -  Susan Brown, Pamela Shearer and Shelley Black - are experts in the financial industry, HR Regulations, policies and procedures, and digital documentation, respectively.

We have developed online business packs we really do believe can benefit companies in all sectors, of any size to function legally and allow them to focus on delivering excellent services, to clients and be successful.

Our carefully-designed, executive business packs have all the documents needed, including service agreements, terms and conditions, compliance policies and much more.

Our view is that you cannot put a price on compliance in business.

Our vision is to help clients operate with peace of mind in all their activities through our online packs, which are comprehensive, but easy to follow - and they are all in one easy-followed location.

We hope you have a chance to look over our website and see what we can offer.  But if you feel you need more information, we would be pleased to hear from you.

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