Our Partners

We are please to advise that we have joined forces with 2 fantastic companies that can offer an array of services to help make your business run more efficiently and compliantly.


Lothian Accountancy & Bookkeeping Services Ltd:

Established for over 5 years, it is made up of individuals with over 30 years experience in the Financial Services Industry.  It offers all aspects of accounting services from bookkeeping to full year end accounts and tax returns, payroll, vat, cis and all company set ups (Sole Trader, Limited Company, Partnerships) to mention just a few.  Check out their website to see all the services that are on offer.  Even better, drop them an email and see what they can do for your business!


Zortrex Ltd:

Zortrex Ltd is a company offering Data Protection Software using a tokenisation system. Zortrex has it covered in compliance PCIDSS/FIPPA/HIPPA/FSA for which it is new in the market offering an advanced tokenisation security for all aspects of personal data.

Compliance:PCIDSS, HIPPA, FIPPA or Data Protection Legislation - the Vault has it covered.

Many organisations receive payment data into secure payment systems which they must then use for business reasons such as customer analytics and fraud processes. Even with tight information management controls in place, this data can "leak", exposing organisation to risk.

In todays compliance-driven marketplace, finding the right, cost-effective solution for your business is both time-consuming and fraught with risk.

The Vault offers a simple, easy to integrate solution which removes all credit/debit card information at the boundaries of the organisation.  This can dramatically simplify compliance, reducing the scope of any Cardholder Data Enviromental (CDE) by ensuring that internal systems are cleared and remain free of sensitive information.  The Vault is a unique solution in the tokenisation marketplace because it supports major financial messaging standards which are built into our Interception Server within the Token Vault Solution.

The Vault operates at near line speed, adding only milliseconds to current transaction rates, and minimising any impact on meeting the auto-authorisation requirement from the card brands. It uses a centralised, consistant token engine to provide static tokens for all unique data.  If the same data is presented to the service, the previously issued token is returned, ensuring static tokens tha can be used internally with existing fraud and accounting practices, and causing no disruption to the organisation.

Contact them today to find out how they can help make your business data more secure!