The General Data Protection Regulation, commonly known simply as the GDPR represents a significant modernisation of data protection law and one that takes into account significant new developments in technology and new uses of personal data that simply did not exist at the time of the current legislation, the Data Protection Act 1998.

The GDPR brings with it a number of changes and improvements to data protection law including:

  • Enhanced documentation and record-keeping requirements
  • Enhanced privacy notice (or "fair processing notice" requirements;
  • Enhanced rights for data subjects
  • New rules requiring the appointment of Data Protection Officers;
  • A mandatory requirement to notify the ICO (and data subjects in certain cases) of any data breach to subjects data
  • Tough new penalties for failure to comply with the law.


All our business packs now include a living (live) document for GDPR policy that is continually being updated until the implementation on the 25th May 18.

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General Data Protection Regulation Compliance Business Pack

This pack contains a range of basic documents that will allow you to begin the process of working towards GDPR compliance. GDPR regulation will be implemented on the 25th May 2018. We have also included the Business Continuity documents to allow you to put your plan in to action.